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Malaysia’s award-winning homegrown e-wallet with an edge.

Our story

Boost is so much more than just an e-wallet. - it is an element of lifestyle that aims to complement how you live. Our mission is simple: to give Malaysians a cashless experience, the Malaysian way. We are motivated by the desire to improve lives, one transaction at a time.

Through the understanding of consumer needs and use of cutting-edge technology, we make transactions easier, faster, more secure and more rewarding.

What we offer

Boost transforms everyday life by bringing cashless convenience to everyone’s fingertips.
How do we achieve that?

Hassle-Free Payment

Free Money Transfers

Wide Selection
Payment Options

Rewarding Top Ups

Digital Vouchers
Discounted Prices

Instant Gift Transfer to Anyone

Transactions You Can Trust

For the business owners, there’s Boost Business. We’re suited for any type of business, from hawker stalls to retail outlets. We go from providing daily settlements into your bank account to reaching out to your customer base with offers and promotions, all for your success.

How we help

Our target audience is people like yourself. Whether you’re looking for an easier way to pay or to market your store, Boost has something for you. We’re working hard to simplify the process of sending and requesting money - making it feel like you’re sending messages.

Here’s some of the things users can do with Boost:

Simpler, safer transactions

Our Scan & Pay system ensures smooth transfer of payments between customer and merchant. As a customer, your Boost Credits are kept secure with our PIN encryption. With Boost Business, you can receive payments and evaluate your sales day-to-day all within the app. You’ll master our user interface in a day.

Eliminate unnecessary costs

We’re making it easier for people to send and request money from their family and friends as well as splitting bills. Customers don’t have to pay interbank charges while merchants enjoy competitive MDR & NO registration fees.

Everyone gets rewarded

At Boost, we’re always showing appreciation to our customers with a multitude of promotions. Promotions are also fun ways to drive traffic and visibility of our merchants’ businesses.

Do anything in an instant

There’s no need to spend time waiting in queues or counting your cash anymore. As a customer, you can top up your mobile credit, pay bills, book bus tickets and do much more. As a merchant, it’s super easy for you to keep track of your cash flow everyday.

Who we’ve collaborated with

We’ve worked with brands that are deeply rooted in a Malaysian’s way of life.

11 street
klia ekspress

Let us help you connect the dots.